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18th-Oct-2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
badkarma: (Beatles • George Harrison)
I agree! Wasn't quite getting Nina's storyline, but after more and more context, it made more sense, even if I felt it didn't really 'fit' (mainly because it showed little relevancy most of the way through, plus I didn't get why she was still with her S.O. when he was obviously pushing her away, but I think that's just my own issue) but I think what I disliked about it most is that it made the entire film seem like one person giving a theoretical middle finger to their ex, which...makes the whole thing seem selfish, and not so much focused on trying to give more exposure to a highly misunderstood religion (in Western society).

THAT ASIDE, Nina still was involved with everything else, which I loved to bits, so it balances out. I was surprised that it wasn't like, three different groups working together (going off of the different animation styles) so I was definitely impressed by that. :D
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