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Sita Sings the Blues ( a loose retelling of the Ramayana)

Not to be taken literally and is clearly not 100% accurate, but it's an interesting and enjoyable movie. (At 1 hour, 20+ minutes.)
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I have to say, despite the Youtube comments (missing the point much?) and especially after getting some more exposition from reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, I really was impressed. It's funny without being forcibly childish and while I wasn't exactly digging the constant flash-forwards to Nina's storyline, I really liked the actually re-telling of the Ramayana.

The three shadow puppet-narrators-commentators were my favorites, because they gave much-needed explanations, and actually let there be some modern-day views on what is...honestly a fairly offensive story in some regards.

And now of course I'm wanting to listen to some more blues songs. xD ♥